ClaimLogik Plus

ClaimLogik Plus is an end-to-end claims lifecycle management system, built with the vision of providing a single platform that connects all parties involved in resolving a claim.


We offer three editions of ClaimLogik Plus.

  • Growth Edition – best suited to smaller businesses such as 1099’s
  • Business Edition – best suited to SME scale insurers, IA firms or TPA’s;
  • Enterprise Edition – best suited to higher volume claims handling such as larger TPAs or carriers.

Claims module

The claims module is core to the product and is included in all editions. Features of the claims module include:

  • Internal claims lodgement
  • Claim reports
  • Claim management
  • Triage and live collaboration
  • Assessment
  • Emergency assistance
  • Supplier allocation
  • Reserve management
  • Notes – internal and external notes
  • Document management
  • Photo library
  • Claim logs
  • Task management

Extended features

  • Management dashboard
  • Communications to supplier – email and SMS
  • Accounting integration
  • Email communication from claims
  • Automated notifications to carrier and policyholders
  • Management reports and dashboard
  • Claims management features
  • Finance layer
  • Policy admin integration – one policy system
  • Claims bordereaux reporting
  • Workflow task module
  • Branded online lodgement
  • Broker module
  • Branded comms SMS and email
  • Any-time customer feedback
  • Complaints management
  • Automated activity reminders
  • Automated claim assignment
  • Assessment module
  • Policy admin system Integration
  • RESTful API integrations
  • Supply chain module
  • Repair management
  • Concierge Plus app
  • LiveLogik
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Bank reconciliation module


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