About Claim Central

“We exist to make insurance claims easier for insurers and customers.”

Founded in 2002, Claim Central Consolidated is a global insurance industry leader across technology, adjusting and property repair.

With locations in the United States, Australia, South Africa, Italy and New Zealand, we have pioneered digitally connected claims management services across the globe and were recognized as the Australian Financial Review’s 8th Most Innovative Company in Australia in 2016.

Our solutions enable significant game-changing results for your business including:

  • Improved quality of claims handling and day-to-day operations
  • Reduced claim lifecycles
  • Better customer claim experiences
  • Reduced claim costs

Happier customers through our Centralized Claims Hub


Our digital claims management technology, ClaimLogik, enhances the customer’s experience on their property claim by reducing claim lifecycles and costs, while improving operational efficiency.

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We manage restoration and repairs on behalf of insurers for domestic and commercial property claims. Underpinned by our claims management platform ClaimLogik, our property services provide end-to-end claims management and supply chain management that reduce claim lifecycles and reduce costs for insurers and service providers.

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Property repair

Our managed repair solution includes triage, make safe, assessment & management of contractors to conduct the repairs, and all interaction with the customer to make their experience as positive as possible. We connect insurers to a repair network of contractors through our TradesPlus platform.

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