Faster claims

We deliver claims solutions at the intersection of
technology and services to help you operationalize
improved customer experience.

Our Centralized Claims Hub

3 pillars to create a better customer experience


Technology platform

The ClaimLogik technology and services marketplace allows carriers, IA firms and TPAs to operationalize modern claims handling practices.



Access multiple insuretechs and claims service providers with one connection for improved platform flexibility and capability.



Leverage combined claims technology and services to improve claim handling efficiency from multiple providers.

  • Deliver better
    carrier value

    We provide your claims technology and services solutions to ease competitive pressures as carriers demand lower LAE and margins are squeezed.

  • Provide a better customer

    ClaimLogik provides immediate claims efficiency and process to improve customer experience within a connected marketplace versus a traditional claims platform.

  • Reduce average claim
    lifecycles & costs

    Leverage out-of-the box claims ‘playbooks’ for rapid implementation and drive multiple levels of downward cost pressure through innovative job bidding on claims.

  • Improve the quality
    of claim outcomes

    ClaimLogik provides agnostic connectivity to tools and services that elevate and expand claims servicing operations.

  • Access multiple insuretechs and
    services with one connection

    Aggregate claims servicing firms for improved platform flexibility and capability, choosing from a menu of providers for complete control of the claim.

  • Scale your claims
    management easily

    Leverage our marketplace claims management solutions backed by innovative technology, to provide unprecedented scalability

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